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Thank you.

To, All the staff at Early Learners,

We cannot thank you enough for the exceptional care and love you have shown to both our children, April and Luke, in the past 4 years.  They have both developed into beautiful children with confidence and a love for learning, which is down to the great job you did with them.  You are outstanding individuals who put so much into your jobs and it shows.  April and Luke enjoyed every day they were with you and talk about you fondly at home.

The Kemp Family.

July 2017.

I have noticed how much my daughter has come on this past year and it's all thanks to the amazing staff at Early Learners!  The consistent support, encouragement, praise and attention both my daughter and I have received has been appreciated and crucial in her development.  Early Learners always keep you in the loop and I love her online journal.  It is a great way of keeping track of her progress.  My daughter is ready for big school and it's all thanks to the staff's hard work and dedication.  

C. Harris 

July 2017

Dear Mrs Gold and all Early Learners' staff,

Thank you for all your support, help, care and effort throughout the time Victor has been with you!  He's enjoyed being with you, learnt new things, made friends and has always had a great time at Early Learners.

Mr and Mrs Sinclair

July 2017

My child has made friends and is a happy member of your Pre School.  She always has a smile when going into the setting and she has come on so much since being at Early Learners.


July 2017

It is an absolutely fantastic setting for children age 3-4! The staff are so caring, organised and experienced. The manager Debbie is so lovely and I feel she really knows my son. There is great communication and i always feel really involved in my sons learning. He has come on so much with his writing since he started there and loves getting a new book to read at home with me each week. He runs in everyday he goes and can't wait to see his friends. A really fun yet educational environment for children where they feel nurtured. My son hates going to his private nursery but loves coming to Early Learners. Cannot highly recommend enough what a great Pre School this is.

April 2017.

 My son Rocco LOVED Early Learners, having moved several times in the past 2 years he has attended several nurseries and a Pre School but this one has been by far the best, having moved again last month I can say I have honestly struggled to find one on par. 
I feel this Pre School gets the balance between fun and learning exactly right. The staff are amazing and I really felt they took time to get to know and understand Rocco.
Rocco learnt so much whilst there and he still talks about it and tells me he misses his teachers a lot. We will be popping in to visit and to stay in touch! 
If you are reading this and considering sending your child to Early Learners, I can't recommend it highly enough, I truly believe this is an outstanding Pre-School.
A huge Thank You from myself and Rocco! 

Ingrid, Nana and Gaga!  

October 2016

Logan has grown so much after his time at Early Learners. 
Before he came here he was quiet and refused to interact with others or try new things. Now he is happy and eager to attempt things he would never have done before like riding a horse. He can happily play nicely with other children and loves to try making new friends when we are out and about. The staff at Early Learners have been amazing with him, they have kept me informed about everything he has done and I have loved seeing his experiences through Tapestry and being invited to craft mornings and stay and play days. As much as he will miss coming to Pre School, Logan has been prepared for the change in his routine well and is now excited for his adventure in Primary school. I look forward to being able to take Max here in 2018. He will enjoy it just as much as Logan has.
Thank you so much for all you have done for Logan.

Mrs Ralphson. 

July 2016

I would like to thank you for the support and encouragement to Noah during his two years at Pre School.  Noah has had a really positive experience at Lancaster Lane.  As parents, we are amazed at the constant enthusiasm, creativity and energy that you put into helping our children reach their potential.
Noah is our youngest of four children.  Our other children attended a different Pre-School.  Whilst it is not always helpful to compare – we cannot believe the difference in the standard of education that Noah has received.  Noah can confidently write his name, recall and write his numbers.  He is starting to read – but most importantly, you have made it ‘fun’ for him to learn.  He is so much better prepared for making the transition to primary school.
We have particularly enjoyed the way Early Learners have invited us into the Pre-School on so many occasions to share in Noah’s learning.  We really enjoy the stay and play mornings and the bacon butties were an added bonus.
We really feel that you know our child, and his special qualities.  It has been really helpful that you have given us a daily update on what kind of day he has been doing.(no matter how busy you are at the start and end of the school day).  Although, Noah is always so full of news about things he has been doing whilst at preschool.
It is our opinion that Early Learners is an ‘Outstanding’ preschool!  Most importantly, Mrs Gold, Mrs Brown, Miss Kennedy and Freddi are such lovely, caring and compassionate people. 
Thank you to you all!!

Mrs Q, July 2015

 All three of my children attended your Early Learners, and over the  course of the four years they shared with you they all flourished and grew into wonderful, excitable and happy individuals who were ready and eager to start school.
The environment that you provide is second to none and encourages all children, regardless of ability to try and to succeed.
Your staff are always available to talk with parents about any concerns they might have, no matter how big or small and the support both parents and children receive at a huge crossroads in both their lives is exceptional.
I have, and will continue to recommend your Early learners to friends and family and will forever be grateful for the help and guidance my children received from you in their early years.
Mrs Y 

“I would highly recommend Early Learners.  Without the early intervention measures that was put in place by the staff, my son would not have improved as much as he has."  

Mrs Mitchell July 2015